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Commercial Aquaponics Facility
Brattleboro Carbon Harvest

Auction: Tuesday, April 29 @ 10AM


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327 Old Ferry Road, Brattleboro, VT

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Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Aquaponics


Greenhouse, Hydroponics, AquaponicsGreenhouse, Hydroponics, Aquaponics



Complete 14,400 SQ. FT. Harnois Nordique NG Modular, Gutter-Connect Greenhouse; Equipment for Algae Culture, Aquaponics and Hydroponics; Pumps, Tanks and Filters; Building Materials; Packaging Materials and MUCH MORE!

Bid Online


It is strongly advised that the contents of the greenhouse be removed by Sunday, May 4 at  4PM, as the  dismantling of the greenhouse will begin on May 5. Upon dismantling of the greenhouse, Items left will not be secure.  Thomas Hirchak Company will not be held liable for damage or loss for items left  on the property after May 5 at 4PM.


Selling piecemeal at unreserved auction
(Partial List, Subject to Change):


14,400 SQ. FT. Harnois Nordique NG modular gutter connect greenhouse, comprised of:
72' X 30' bay
120' X 30' bay
(2) 144' X 30' bay
16'+/- gutter height, 25'+/- peak height
50 lb./ft snow load
Polycarbonate Walls
Double Layer Polyethylene Roof
Powered Wall and Ridge Vents
Energy Curtain
Igrow 1400 Link4 Environmental Control & Weather Station
(2) 10' X 10' Exterior OH Doors
9' X 9' Exterior OH Door
T-8 Florescent Lighting

Algae Culture:
9' x 30' Race Way w/ paddle wheel & Jenco pH controller
(3) Fiberglass Settling Tanks
(4) HID Lights
40 Gallon Hot Water Heater

(8) 3400 Gallon Dura-Tech Round Fiberglass Tanks
(5) 2250 gallon round fiberglass tanks
(7) 600 Gallon Dura-Tech Round Fiberglass Tanks
(5) 1000 Gallon Round Polyethylene Tanks
(8) 300 Gallon Oblong Rubber Maid Polypropylene Tanks
(3) 90 Gallon Rectangular Polyethylene Tanks
Biofilter Systems Fluidized Bed Sand Filter 150 GPM
Biofilter Systems Fluidized Bed Sand Filter 150 GPM
Hour Glass Filter
150± Air / Oxygen Diffusers
(4) UV Sanitizer
Misc. Fish Grading Equipment
(2) Water Chillers 25 gpm, 10 gpm
(2) Sensaphone Alarm Dialers


10,000+/- 3.5 x 6 x 1 Clear Molded Clamshell
65,000+/- 3.25 x 7 x 1 Clear Molded Clamshell “Local Farm Project”
40,000+/- 5 x 15 x 10 Clear Poly Sleeve
4,000+/- 19 x 15 x 13 Corrugated box (Local Farm Project)
18,000+/- 12 x 6 x 8 Agriculture
18000+/- 1" x 1" x 1.5" Rock Wool Cubes
1,600 lb.+/- Calcium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Sulphate
2,000 lb.+/- Graded Filter Sand
Misc Liquid Nutrients

(10) Ebb & Flow Nursery Tables: 24" x 92" x 2 trays
(5) 100 gallon Nursery Nutrient Tanks
NFT System:
(139) NFT tables complete
(50+/-) Materials for NFT Tables
(3) NFT circulation & dosing systems
Raft Culture Table 9' x 136'
Walk-in Cooler; Brown 15' x 23', 1.5 ton
EZ-Seed Vacuum Seeder
Exhaust Fan 48"
Impulse Heat sealer
(75+/-) 12 x 22 x 12 Produce Totes

Pumps, Tanks, Filters:
Goulds Model 6SH 1.5 Hp. 1800 rpm 230v 3/60
Goulds Model 6SH 2 Hp. 1800 rpm 230v 3/60
Goulds Model 22SH 3 Hp. 1800 rpm 230v 3/60
(2) 2" Arkal 130 mic filter
(3) 300 gallon polyethylene closed tanks

Landfill Gas/ Energy:
Polaris Snowmobile; 1998
Misc Pipe & Fittings
(3) 75kW Transformers; Central Maloney 240/12470 V non-PCP


Material Handling:
4-Wheel Cart
(2) Beam Mount Clamp




1998 Polaris Snowmobile

(2) Air Conditioners: 14,000 BTU , 11,000 BTU
Refrigerator Whirlpool
Microwave Oven
400' Rubber Garden Hoses
24-Unit Storage Locker
Misc Metal Shelving


Building Materials:
Misc Sheetrock, Light Fixtures
Misc Fasteners
(2) Kitchen Cabinets
(4) SS Heavy Duty Impact Traffic Doors;
3' X 7'
Misc Fiber glass mat & polyester resin
Misc Greenhouse Parts, Vent drives, Controls


(2) Computers: Dell T1600 desktop, Dell Inspirion laptop
Misc. Desks, File Cabinets, Tables, etc.
Xyron Laminator



Load out and removal of greenhouse structure has been extended through June 15.

All contractors, vendors and / or purchasers performing or participating in any removal activities will be required to provide a certificate of general liability naming Thomas Hirchak Company (THCo), Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA)& Windham Solid Waste Management District (WSMD) as additional insured prior to the commencement of any work. 

Any damage to any real or personal property belonging to VEDA or WSWMD shall be the responsibility of the purchaser or their contractors or vendors.

All items purchased are left on site at the risk of the purchasers.

The facility will not be secure once deconstruction of the greenhouse has begun.

No further extension will be granted without written authorization from THCo and VEDA.

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